Our Results

Over the years, Lewis & Caplan has obtained numerous large verdicts and settlements, and, more importantly, has solved problems and found answers for our clients. Listed below are some examples of verdicts or settlements we have achieved:

Type of Accident The Results Litigation Information
Auto accident $587,000 This New Orleans resident was struck by another vehicle while exiting a parking space. Our client sustained back injuries with surgery. During a jury trial, his claim was successfully settled for $587,000.00.
Highway defect $532,000 $532,000.00 was awarded after trial for a highway defect which had existed for many years. After a successful trial against the State of Louisiana, in which the existence of the alleged defect was hotly contested, our minor client received this verdict for the wrongful death of his mother.
Bad faith insurance claim $2,092,000 A building was damaged by a storm, and the insurer made a partial payment for the loss. We sued the insurer for bad faith failure to settle in a timely manner and recovered penalties and property damage losses during the litigation of over $2,000,000.
Auto Accident and medical malpractice $7,200,000 This verdict by the trial court resulted from a collision between our client and a company truck, and subsequent failures to diagnose an infection by the involved doctors and hospitals. After many years of discovery and litigation, the trial court rendered a verdict in the amount of $7,200,000.00
Auto accident $1,200,000 This 45-year-old bricklayer was rear-ended, which resulted in him having to undergo neck and back surgery, and caused him to be unable to return to his former occupation.
Workplace injury $1,150,000 This 47-year-old woman was bending over a laundry cart when a co-employee passing by flipped her raised leg into the air as a practical joke, causing her to tumble into the laundry cart, resulting in the claimant undergoing neck surgery and a recommendation for back surgery.
Nursing home neglect $3,850,000 This elderly woman was not adequately monitored during a nursing home stay which led to the development of severe bedsores (decubitus ulcers), which caused the need for extensive medical treatment and care.
Product liability $1,545,000 This nurse was caused to be injected with a dangerous virus because of the design of the needle system being utilized in the hospital where the nurse worked.
Maritime injury $1,075,000 This seaman was caused to be thrown overboard when one of the legs of his drilling rig punched through shallow sand, causing the rig to tilt. The seaman drowned and recovery was made on behalf of his widow.
Medical malpractice $1,800,000 This young woman presented at a hospital and initially was provided the correct medication for an infectious disease. An older doctor countermanded that order and stopped the medication, causing permanent injury to the patient. A settlement for the cap ($500,000.00) with legal interest and future medical was obtained.
Maritime $450,000 Shoulder injury sustained by a floor hand on a drilling rig when a piece of pipe struck him in the shoulder and caused him to have surgery.
Maritime $450,000 Crane operator caused to slip and fall while descending a rig stairwell that was oily, falling to the deck and fracturing his foot.
Premises liability $2,450,000 Longshoreman injured when the equipment he was operating encountered deep potholes, causing him to be thrown about the cab of the equipment and causing the need for major back surgery.
Maritime $500,000 Seaman injured while walking on an unlit barge at night and falling into an open hatchway. It was recommended that the seaman undergo surgery to repair his neck and back, but no surgery had occurred. Case was settled.
Railroad crossing $2,400,000 Claimant's view was obstructed by accident overgrown weeds, and a claim was brought against the municipality and the railroad company for the wrongful death of the driver. The claim was settled with the railroad company and a verdict was obtained against the municipality for failing to maintain the area so that motorists had safe visibility.
Trucking accident $499,906 This 22-year-old female was sideswiped by an 18-wheeler, resulting in her undergoing back surgery and future loss of earnings.
Nursing home neglect $725,000 This elderly woman did not receive proper treatment regarding a lower leg ulcer which eventually required an above-the-knee amputation. The plaintiff died before the case resolved, and a claim was brought by the children on behalf of the deceased.
Auto accident $477,000 Plaintiff was rear-ended and sustained a chronic cervical strain with TMJ symptoms and a loss of future earnings which resulted in a jury verdict of $477,000.00 in Jefferson Parish.
Medical malpractice $963,000 This verdict was rendered by a local trial court against a local hospital for failing to properly monitor the plaintiff following delivery of her child, causing her to massively bleed and die approximately a day and a half following her delivery.
Medical malpractice $815,000 This 75-year-old woman was caused to undergo cardio catheterization to unblock an artery. The procedure was high risk, and deemed unnecessary for the health of the patient, resulting in her death.
Auto Accident $555,000 This lady was struck from the rear on an expressway ramp, resulting in a cervical fusion, anxiety and PTSD. After several years of litigation, this $555,000 settlement was achieved before trial.
Auto Accident $509,271 This contested automobile accident resulted in a two level cervical discectomy and fusion and a lumbar laminectomy and foraminotomy. It was successfully settled before trial for $509,271.

Please keep in mind that results depend on the facts and circumstances of a particular case. The results described in these cases are for illustration purposes only and are not a guarantee of the results which may be obtained in any specific case. The facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the matters in which results have been provided. Medical malpractice cases have a $500,000.00 cap on damages with the exception of past and future medical expenses.

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